A journey to discover the city: Skopje through my eyes

The team by VisitSkopje had the honor of being the official Skopje city tour guide to the Italian travel blogger Gian Luca Sgaggero, which validates the necessity of a website just like ours!

We were contacted by Gian Luca, who was planning to visit out beloved capital, and had little or whatsoever knowledge of the city in which he was going to spend 3 days.  We were glad he found, and chose us to help him. In fact that was the initial idea for creating this website. Promoting our city, which is the main goal, and helping tourists to get around as well as the locals do. Keep scrolling and reading if you want to know more about his journey in Skopje. If you want to get additional information about his past expeditions or future plans, go to his website.

“I do not know when I’ve got the idea to visit Skopje, maybe when I found out that flights to this city are really very cheap, but what I know is that, with the approaching date of departure, curiosity to know and discover this capital of which you do not often hear about was growing dramatically.” – says the blogger in his latest post about Skopje. He finished his long post with: “Skopje does not end here, there is still much more to discover. More reason to come back and visit. Skopje will not allow itself to be forgotten easily, but I hope to return and also savor the surroundings!” We hope to see you soon too Gian Luca!

All photographs featured were taken by Gian Luca Sgaggero.

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