Darko Panchev

Skopje born Golden Boot winner Darko Pancev feels a special connection with his hometown. That is why despite many opportunities through his fruitfull football carrier, he lived but never stayed elsewhere. Family, friends, the old neighbourhoods, childhood memories, all this is what makes Skopje special in the heart of the reknown Macedonian footballer. Acknowledging the city breathes with a different energy since the mid 1960-es and his childhood, Darko still believes Skopje evolves carrying a special energy that draws many foreigners.

-As a friend of mine once told me, every city that has a river is a beautiful city. Friends come to Skopje on my invitation and love the city despite not knowing exactly where they are headed at first. Though, after discovering the city’s charm, the temperament of our people, their friendliness, they instantly fill welcomed and cozy. Rarely a city in the world has a mountain, in such proximity to the center like Vodno mountain helping Skopje breathe while offering a splendid view from the Millenium Cross – says Pancev.

The Stone Bridge over Vardar river leading to the Skopje Fortress, The Old Bazaar, monuments old and modern ones, in the city or in its vicinity like the Aqueduct, many churches as well as green retreats like the Matka Canyon and Treska Lake, the City Park, Vodno Mountain, Vrelo Cave…

These are just some of the many reasons for not missing a unique experience and visiting Skopje, a city with inexhaustible energy, a city that almost never sleeps.

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