Lenny Kravitz in Skopje

This event has ended

Within the European Tour, which is due to the release of the new album “Raise Vibration”, Lenny Kravitz will have concert in Skopje on May 3 in VIP Arena.

Of all the countries in the region, Skopje and Sofia are the only cities where fans will have the opportunity to see the incredible show of Lenny Kravitz indoors.

After the last album “Strut”, which was really remarkable, no one expected Lenny to appear in such a short time in such a short time, but still “Raise Vibration” is at the level of his best albums so far, and the last radio hit “Low” is already well known to everyone. Lenny Kravitz’s concerts entered the events that MUST SEE BEFORE ART, as they are the top in the live performance industry.

“American Woman”, “Will I leave”, “Believe”, “Fly”, “Again”, “Let Love Rule”, “Chamber” are just some of the hitters we will have the opportunity to hear Skopje

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