Midnight conversation

This event has ended

On December 22, in the Macedonian Philharmonic Orchestra, John Apelgren and Gordan Spasovski, in the spirit of the New Year’s holidays, will perform an intimate, quiet performance whit the most beautiful compositions from the world jazz literature sound. The concert with piano and voice form the outstanding artists will bring complex but attractive and pleasant music that will make a magic for the senses and imagination.

The outstanding artists – the jazz vocalist John Ilija Apelgren and the jazz pianist Gordan Spasovski, together with creative forces, invite the lovers of good music to the concert entitled “Midnight conversation”!

John Ilija Apelgren is considered one of the best jazz vocalists in the region, with an impressive career with numerous performances as a soloist and with various orchestras and ensembles, studio albums and performances at festivals and concerts outside the country. His contribution to the development of the vocal jazz scene in Macedonia is undoubtedly great. Gordan Spasovski is a pianist from the younger generation of jazz musicians in Macedonia, who enters into the world of jazz under the mentorship of prof. Ilija Pejovski, than continues it education at the Jazz Department of the University of Music and Performing Arts in Graz, Austria, where he graduates with the greatest successes. Spasovski has a number of performances at European jazz festivals, and collaborations with significant jazz names.

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