Exhibition of Rexhai Iseni

Independent exhibition of Rexhai Iseni , retrospective. With the retrospective exhibition that will be held on 19 September  at (Cifte Amam), for the first time in front of the wider cultural public, the work of Rexhai Iseni will be presented as a valuable artistic creation.

Rexhani Iseni (1939 – 2018) is an author whose overall work is still an important segment of the Macedonian contemporary art, connected with the post-cubic influences that were not strongly expressed in our environment, but still present and nurtured in certain variants by some authors.
Although in local and national contexts (even ex Yugoslavian, especially between the middle and the older generation), due to the active action from the late sixties until the eighties of the twentieth century, it is well known and respected, but it can be concluded that its place and role is not sufficiently emphasized and exaggerated.
The contribution of this author will be made clear in a clear way, as an important link in the flows of our artistic production.

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