Gevino winery

Started on July , 2017 as a winery of young team of enthusiasts, with the goal of offering high quality wine available for everyone. The long-standing stagnation in terms of creativity and innovation in terms of packaging, as well as the constant change of quality, completely unleashed the wine to the consumer’s attention in terms of consumption. Macedonia is in constant decline, and we are not at a satisfactory level, especially not because Macedonia declares itself as a wine country.

Guided by these problems, they become our main challenges and we have decided to change it. Often we have witnessed ourselves, just because we do not take care of the look or design of the label, think that we are buying a “second class” wine or at least arouse suspicion. To be convinced, we decided on a long-term research. 65% of you, pointed out that the wine is the first choice in its appearance. When we took this into account and added it to the excellent quality of the wine, we undoubtedly received a product that in the short term will change, and in the long run will consolidate the wine selection criteria, and in cooperation with Rigo Impex, we consider it we got the last, but the most important part of the puzzle called QUALITY, GEVINO WINE.

Тhe vision of Gevino is becoming a recognizable brand by quality wine with innovative, creative and recognizable design.

Address: Hristo Tatarchev 47a lokal 9, 1000 Skopje.

mob. 070 / 223-580; email:

Custom wines Department:
mob. 077 / 975-784; email:

mob. 078 / 424-655; email:;

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