Litera – Children’s Literature Festival and Illustration

 Museum оf Contemporary Art on 13-14.04.2019

The purpose of the festival is to present the best works from the domestic and world children’s literature and illustration. The festival will not be a classic “book fair” but will offer much more content. Workshops will be organized where experienced authors will transfer their knowledge to the youngest visitors and will encourage their creativity. Also, through the organization of debates a series of current issues like the place of the book in the digital world will open up, the role of children’s literature in the intellectual and emotional development of the young, and so on. On the Liter also will be discuss about the quality of the literature , whether and how much it is presented to domestic publishers. Presented to the audience will be represented by illustrated illustrators from Macedonia and abroad, which will hold  workshops, they will share their experience with the techniques in which they work and the cooperation with international authors. A retrospective exhibition of illustrations for children from Macedonian authors will be organized. The idea is for the festival to grow into a tradition and to position itself on the map of world festivals dedicated to children’s literature and illustration.

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