Magic Studio Kristina

MAGIC STUDIO KRISTINA is officially launched on September 1, 2013. Kristina Maurovska Temkova is advocate for nurturing Macedonian traditional techniques for handmade clothing, fashion accessories, jewelry and decoration for the home. By using various techniques of knitting and weaving, she creates products that are rich in ethno motives, but at the same time modern enough to fit into the contemporary style.

The materials that she uses for her creations are mostly wool, cotton and other natural materials in combination with metal (copper and silver), beads, crystals and semi-precious stones of which Amber stands out. The most recognizable and striking product is “kjustek“ (wicker ornament from beads) with ethno motifs that were part of the Macedonian traditional costume.

When it comes to traditional Macedonian jewelry, its uniqueness outshines all other forms of ornamentation. The real attraction lies in the intricacy of its designs and the efforts made by the craftsmen in creating each and every design.

You can see and buy her handmade creations on the Facebook profile.

Facebook: Studio Magical Knitting
Telephone: +389 72 735 273


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