Museum of Albanian Alphabet

The National Institution “Museum of the Albanian Alphabet” – Bitola was established by a decision of the Government of Macedonia on November 24, 2009, for the protection, research, collection, arrangement, professional and scientific processing and study of museum objects important for the unification of the Albanian alphabet. The museum features an exhibition space exhibiting documents of great importance which testify to the development of the Albanian alphabet over the centuries, photographs of participants in the Bitola Congress, traditional costumes, etc.

The initiative to convene the Bitola Congress, a congress to create a single alphabet, was taken by the Albanian club Bashkimi from Bitola. On August 27, 1908, the management of the Bashkimi Club announced their call, informing all clubs and associations, inside Albania and beyond, of the proposal to organize a Congress on the alphabet on November 14, 1908, where “All Albanians, Gegs and Tosks, as well as foreigners and especially philologists, who are interested in this issue, will be invited to take part in this great congress.” As a result of the preparatory and organizational work carried out by the Bitola Club and other Albanian clubs and associations, on November 14, 1908 in Bitola, in the building of the Bashkimi Club headquarters, the Congress for the unification of the Albanian alphabet was held, continuing its work until November 22.

The Congress was attended by 32 delegates with the right to vote, representing 26 cities and various Albanian associations in the country and beyond. The presidency of the Congress was composed of: President of the Congress – Mitat Frashëri, Vice Presidents – Luigj Gurakuqi and Gjergj Gjiriazi, Secretaries – Hill Mosi, Toma Avrami, Nuzhet bay Vrioni. The chairman of the Alphabet Commission was At Gjergj Fishta, while the members were the following: Luigj Gurakuqi, Sotir Peci, Mitat bey Frasheri, Shahin bey Kolonja, Dimitr Buda, Dom Ndre Mjeda, Gjergj K. Qiriazi, Bayram Fehmi Topuli, Nuzhet Vrioni and Gligor M. Cilka. The decision of the Bitola Congress on the alphabet was announced at an open session on November 20, in the morning of the seventh day of the Congress. The Commission adopted a Decision on the creation of the Albanian alphabet, which was signed by all delegates attending the Bitola Congress.

The permanent exhibition of the NI “Museum of the Albanian Alphabet” – Bitola consists of 51 photographs, made with state-of the-art technology, depicting the individuals who have contributed to the development of the Albanian alphabet over the centuries, photographs of the actual participants in the Bitola Congress (14 – 22 November 1908) held in Bitola, and 58 documents in the museum showcases. The museum also features an authentic copy of the Decision on the Proclamation of the Albanian Alphabet, signed by the participants in the Bitola Congress.


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