My Love

In honor of  Valentine’s Day, on February 18 at 8 pm, Macedonian Philharmonic Orchestra will perform unique musical event!
Under the conduct of the maestro Borjan Canev, popular themes, instrumental and vocal compositions will be performed, which are used in cult film performances, and which sing for love, passion, love …
Fans of good music will have the opportunity to hear the eternal compositions performed by Chet Baker, Ela Fitzgerald and Nina Simon, Sting or Paolo Conte, cinematic topics by cult Ennio Morricone, Nino Rota, Craig Armstrong, Gebi Verlor (“Malena “,” Romeo and Juliet “,” High heels “) or those of contemporary vocalists and authors Michele Gurevich and Kovac who gained worldwide popularity in recent years .
The concert is titled “My Love”, and Macedonian artists will present themselves as soloists: Ognen Anastasovski, Svetlana Jovanovska and Nadezhda Ruben (vocals), Trajche Velkov (trumpet) and Ivan Ivanov (saxophone).
The music will be enriched with the dance and choreography of Ivana Kocevska and Jovana Zaikov, as well as with a unique light design.

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