“Peter and the Wolf” at the Philharmonic

The Philharmonic Orchestra will hold a symphony concert for the youngest – Peter and the Wolf – on March 7 (Saturday) at 12 noon, conducted by maestro Ivan Eminovic.
“Peter and the Wolf” is one of the most famous works of Russian composer Sergey Prokofiev and is an integral part of the repertoire of all symphony orchestras, especially in children’s theaters. The scroll is written for a narrator and orchestra, whose individual instruments or groups of instruments represent the characters in the story. In this way, the young listeners are introduced to the composition of the orchestra.
For example, in “Peter and the Wolf” the flute is a bird, the oboe is a duck, the clarinet is a cat, the phagocyte is a grandfather, the string instruments are Peter, etc. The story follows Peter, who spends some time in his grandfather’s house in the woods. One day he will inadvertently leave the yard door open, even though his grandfather warns him not to do so, as a dangerous wolf lives in the forest. Peter won’t believe it, but when the wolf does appear, his adventure begins, trying to capture him …
This time too, the narrator is the favorite of the children’s audience, actor Martin Jordanoski, who will lead the children through the adventures of Petre.

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