Philharmonic concert at City Park

On 29 June, the Philharmonic will perform two concerts under the joint title “Philharmonic concert at City park” in the City Park starting at 9 pm, in cooperation with the Youth Cultural Center and the City of Skopje.
The second concert will be held on June 29 and will be titled “Love and Revolution”, again under the conduct of Jian Emin. In his arrangements will be performed one of the most popular songs in the field of pop rock and punk music that mostly marked the 90’s. Together with the orchestra of the Philharmonic Orchestra, the choir “Proards” will be performed by Sasho Tatarchevski, who will be the main carrier of the project. There will be songs of cult Radiohead, Nick Cave, Busty Boys, Prodigy, Nirvana, David Bowie, Sex Pistols, Clash, Jimmy Hendrix, Pink Floyd, Ramstein. ..
And this concert, like the first, is a unique idea in terms of making this kind of compositions performed by a symphony orchestra and choir, which is a rare practice in the world.

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