Rona Nishliu Quartet

Concert promotion of the second album of  “Rona Nishliu Quartet” titled “Mindil” will be held on May 20 (Monday) at 21:00 in the hall of the Macedonian Philharmonic, organized by the Cultural-Information Center-Skopje.
The music album includes  songs from hundreds of years of musical heritage, sounds that recognize the creativity of this territory, especially melodic, lyrical and cheerful nuances.
Carefully selected music content that unites the most beautiful songs of the Albanian melody: “Bare” by Reggio Mulli, “Me lule te bukura” by Tish Daja, “My is the world of poetry” in the version of the group “MAK” from Mitrovica, “Malenji ” and many other.
The Quartet was founded in late 2014 and has since been featured on many concerts and contemporary and traditional music festivals. The quartet consists of: Rona Nishliu (vocal), Edon Ramadani (piano), Kiril Tufekchievski (double bass) and Nesim Makhsushni (drums). The Mindil Project uses the artistic work of Rona Nishliu and members of the Quartet to promote common values, cultural, spiritual and musical heritage. The starting point of the project is the transformation of traditional music.

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