SCOOP Artisan Gelato

Creamy ice cream decorated with cute biscuit shapes, mini pretzels or sprinkles? Yes, please! At Scoop we have delicious products but we’re more than just your regular old ice cream truck and restaurant. We try to add more to the experience! We’re a fun and innovative escape in the form of a food truck and pastry .

We sell ice cream, soft homemade cookies and biscuits prepared with only fresh ingredient and without artificial preservatives. You can visit our mini restaurant/pastry  shop or just search for us around the city Skopje– just follow the smell of freshly baked goodies and the wave of positive vibes.

Address: Orce Nikolov 155, Skopje
Our ice cream truck is usually located  at Central Park Skopje
Telephone: +389 2 306 6811
Mobile: +389 70 316 511
Instagram: SCOOP Artisan Gelato

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