Skopje street festival vol.7

SKOPJE STREET FESTIVAL VOL. 7 this year moves to the roof of the City Trade Center – GTC on June 7th.

Why? – Because we love GTC! Because GTC is both modest and honest at the same time. It is modest, because although it is an object that extends to the largest area in the city of Skopje, it is still almost imperceptible. GTC is honest because it always adapts to different parts of the city, despite its size. GTC is open, pleasant and hospitable. It cares not to scare anyone or to discriminate. (*  Nikola Strezovski Architect)

These are values ​​that are common to us and the mission of our festival!

Tt’s TIME! Prepare for a unique festival experience!

Maine State YES!
Graffiti steam YES!
Street Pain State YES!

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