SKOPJE – the city of the seven entraces

In a large field, you were a rock in the shape of a human head. Nobody remembers when the first people came here, but it is certain that they immediately called Kamena Glava (Stone head). And the rock had seven great caves: two eyes, two ears, two nostrils, and one mouth! Skopje, indeed, is a city with seven entrances and seven exits: Kacanicka Klisura, Vardar Valley, Drven, Matejce, Matka, Taor, Radusa. There is another legend about Skopje, but even in that the spear is the central motive in the story. According to her, the name came from the spear with which King Marko killed the Black Arab, exactly at the place where the city was later formed.

Interesting places:
The Skopje Botanical Garden is home to local endemics found in Macedonia and nowhere else in the world, such as thyme, which grows only on Kozjak, the Alshar violet, which grows only on the Alshar site in Kavadarci, a type of tulip found only on the mountain Thirsty, rare elm that survives only in the vicinity of Debar and many others.

Let us recall:
5000 BC altar to the goddess Mother Earth.
4560 BC Adam, one of the ten most unique finds in the world.
Catastrophic earthquake
0547 aqueduct with 200 pillars in the time of Justinian.
6th century Tavrisivm – Taor fortress.
1081 The monastery “St. George-Gorgos.
1282 It becomes one of the Serbian capitals.
1300 20 churches in the fortress of Kale.
1350 Crowned Stefan Dusan for emperor.
1392 The name is changed, the new one is Iskup (Uskup).
1436 Construction of a mosque on the site of “St. George-Gorgos.
1555 Skopje destroyed by an earthquake.
1575 The diary of the Venetian Jovan Sorenzo.
1661 The Bazaar has 2150 shops, silk and leather.
1689 Burned by Austrian General Piccolomini.
1873 Thessaloniki-Skopje railway line of 243 km.
1910 Mother Teresa is born in this city.
1920 The Greek immigrates Zorba rests with us.
1922 The Mokranjac Music School starts operating in Skopje.
1924 Historical-Archaeological Museum with lapidarium.
1925 Antonio Vildovic buys the first civilian aircraft.
1926 Established Zoological Museum, the third zoo in the Balkans.
1927 Shell’s first gas station in Skopje.
1828 Open Airport, the first aircraft “Potez-29” with 5 passengers.
1929 First airline Thessaloniki-Skopje-Belgrade.
1930 Amy Johnson lands on her way from Australia to London.
1933 Tobacco Museum at the Tobacco Factory.
1934 Church Museum in the Church of St. Mina.
1937 Aeroput and Sydney have international air traffic.
1948 The Pioneer Sheep, from the City Park to Glumovo
1961 The site Tumba Madzari is discovered
1963 On July 26, a strong earthquake kills 1,070 people.
1963 82 countries assist.
1970 Picasso donates the painting “Woman’s Head”.
1972 Twenty Chess Olympics
2003 Largest artificial lake Kozjak
Vrelo Cave is a candidate for N7W

Credits to Gordana Janakievska

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