Skopje White night

On Saturday, October 5th, concerts, exhibitions, cinema, theater performances, 3D video mapping and many more cultural content will be part of this year’s 15th White Night in Skopje.

At 15 locations, artists, musicians and everyone who is part of the “White Night” will offer a variety of cultural and artistic content. For the past 15 years, the festival has been bringing art closer to citizens, with a concept that suits the urban community that identifies with its city.

As part of this year’s program, the concert “50 Years of Skopski” will take place at the plateau in front of the Universal Hall at 20:00. This event will mark the importance of such a grandiose festival that gave birth to many music names that left huge hits that are still relevant. Accompanied by Big Band, Skopje citizens will be reminded of the biggest hits from the Skopje Festival with performances by Dragan Mijalkovski, Slave Dimitrov, Verica Ristovska, Lidija Kocovska, Sasho Gigov, Djoko Tanevski, Sara Mace and many more.

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