Stone dolls, Kratovo

The stone town is an area consisting of over 120 naturally formed stone pillars, located in the village of Kuklica, near Kratovo in Macedonia. Kuklica is located 8 km northwest of Kratovo. The stone formations are situated on the right bank of the Kriva Reka valley. The area has an altitude of 415-420 m and extends over an area of 0.3 square km.

There are two main legends surrounding the formation of the strange stone pillars in Kuklica. The most famous legend is that of a man who could not decide which of two women he should marry. So, the man planned to marry each woman on the same day at different times. When the first wedding was in progress, the woman to marry the man second went to see who was getting married on the same day as she. When she saw her future husband marrying another woman, she cursed all in attendance at the wedding and turned them into stone.

Stone pillars

Another popular legend is that there was once a forest in the area, but due to battles, it was burned down. Then, the area became a wasteland. The temperatures were very low and when the army passed through the wasteland, all of the soldiers turned into rocks.

According to the local villagers, new figures appear every 5-6 years. There are four places at the Balkans where you can see this phenomenon, three of which are in North Macedonia.

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