Strangers, 08 February Dramski theater, at 20h
by Paolo Genovese
Director: Nela Vitosevic

What happens if you secretly peep at the someones phone? Facing the Truth Solves or Opens a New Problem? How much truth about / the other strikes directly in it private space, and how much does the questioning of the others affect? Doing the truth from us makes better people? Mobile phones are our “black boxes” ?! Strangers are a “dramo” in which seven friends play a game in which they share all phone messages, conversations, photos, communications through social networks and thus reveal personal secrets, opening up painful conflict situations. At the same time, the differences between private and public self-representation . Parallel actions create an epic scenic narrative that does not aspire to mark the end, but grows in breadth. Everything in the name of the truth. By confronting the truth, a clash with post truth is followed, a state in which facts become less influential than are those emotions and personal convictions. The role of technology in determining the truth / truthfulness as the dominant of today is highlighted by the emergence and disclosure of confidential documents globally.

Director: Nela Vitosevic
Dramaturg: Viktoria Rangelova – Petrovska
Set designer: Kostandin Trpenoski
Costume designer: Roza Trajceska – Ristovska
Composer: Ognen Anastasovski

Michele – Igor Angelov
Eva – Irena Ristic
Carlo – Biljana Dragijevic – Projkovska
Pepe – Zoran Lutkov
Bianca – Sanja Arsovska
Kozimo – Filip Trajkovic
Roko – Predrag Pavlovski

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