Zdravko Colic in Skopje

Zdravko Colic on 15 Juni 2019 at Arena Filip II in Skopje.

Zdravko Colic was born on May 30, 1951 in Sarajevo, and as a kid he was more interested in sports than in music. First he was a goalkeeper in juniors “Wishes”, and soon he realized that his athletics was lying more. In one competition, he won the second place, immediately behind the then athletic star Nenad Stekic. However, as Colic as an athlete did not achieve significant results, and as he was talented for reciting, it was assumed that he participated in school events. He loved acting, so he was admitted to the Pioneer Theater where he participated in the plays “Boys of Pavel Street” and “Kekec and Mojca”. His music was a hobby, he taught guitar and went to music school. With another Brack Isovic he played for the society in the park, and in the local context they were known as the duo Čola and Isa from Grbavica. At that time, Colic removed the repertoire from the local and Italian festivals. In the second grade of high school, he went with his friend Nedim Idrizovic to spend holidays at his father’s house in Baosici. At Idrizovic’s solicitation, he applied for the competition of amateur singers in Bijela. He sang “Lady Madonna” band The Beatles and won the second place, and his first singing fee. Realizing that something could be from that singing, he joined the group “Young and Beautiful”, and then in 1969 he moved to “Ambassadors”. The composition was made by military musicians at that time, and the only civilian was guitarist Slobodan Vujovic. The group receives more and more offerings for gigs over time, which military musicians could not fulfill due to their obligations, so 1970. Colic and Vujovic form new “Ambassadors”. That year with “Indexi” they played a month in Dubrovnik. The next step is to take part in the festival “Your Whisper of the Season” where, with the song Zdenko Runjić “Pay for Your Lips”, which won the seventh place and the song from the festival becomes very listened.

The new, fifteenth studio album by Zdravko Colic “The Little Mercy” is the first joint edition of the two largest record companies in the region – PGP RTS and Croatia Records, since December 15, 2017. The songs that will begin with the printing of some new anthologies will be followed by top arrangements, and beside Čolić, they are signed by significant regional authors: Momčilo Bajagić Bajaga, Gibonni, Zlatan Fazlić, Antonija Šola, Sandra Sagena, Aleksandar Sretenović, Damir Arslanagić, Maja Sar and Miroslav Rus production of the album is signed by Nikša Bratoš, a longtime Zdravkov associate. A special contribution to the album was given by the guests – Theodosii Spasov, world-renowned cavalry, Matija Dedic, Dejan Petrovic Big Band and Aleksandar Banjac. This successful year culminated in a grand spectacle for the New Year’s Eve. Zdravko made more than 100,000 visitors in Sarajevo, confirming it was a timeless star … After a couple of months, the hits “Little”, “Plums were born” , “Little luck”, “House full of people”, “I’m keeping you for the end” … and many others. The album was accompanied by beautiful videos shot in attractive locations of Vojvodina’s farms, Skadar Lake, Kotor, Dubrovnik, Lisbon … In the summer of 2018, after six years, there is a big concert in the Pula Arena, followed by Zagreb, Tuzla, Skopje, Europe and the world … In October 2018, “Croatia Records” handed Zdravko Colic a special award for outstanding contribution to discography. After all these years, it only remains for us to continue singing together and giving to each other “that little bit of luck” …

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