Located in the Skopje Skopje City Center and near the bus station, Astera Apart Hotel is a perfect place to rest, have a business meeting, prepare for sightseeing and enjoy Skopje in general. Guests here are number one priority and the apartments have an affordable price. You can also get additional tips on how to explore Skopje, what are the best places to visit or learn more about the Macedonian culture, food, and interesting tourist locations to travel to. You can choose between 4 types of apartments that are comfortable and equipped with WiFi, TV, shower,  air conditioning, and everything you need for a perfect stay in Skopje City Center. Come explore the capital of our country with Astera and get the most out of your visit there ❤

Check the hotel on the map here   

Address: Prespanska 39, Skopje 1000
Phone: 02 60 90 666 | ‎078 45 43 47 | 078 45 43 57


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