You cannot just stay for a day in Skopje. The city will amaze you with its spectacular scenery, rich culture and fascinating history. It’s time to think about adding Skopje to your future travel plans. And be sure to keep reading for excellent hotel and restaurant options that offer something truly different! As a destination that attracts cultural travelers, The capital of the Land of the Sun is also, unsurprisingly, a class act when it comes to hotels, even of the budget variety. Our picks include a number of small, independently run hotels and hostels, quite affordable, as well as high – class 5* hotels situated right in the heart of the city.


The Next Door Park is a 4-star hotel and is the new member of this group and at the same time the new chapter of the success story called Parkland Hospitality Group


Located in the Skopje Skopje City Center and near the bus station, Astera Apart Hotel is a perfect place to rest, have a business meeting, prepare for sightseeing and enjoy Skopje in general. Come explore the capital of our country with Astera and get the most out of your visit there ❤

Hotel Sirius Spa & Wellness 

Surrounded by natural beauty, the hotel offers a pleasant stay, leisure, entertainment and recreation throughout the year.

Hotel Central, Fitness & Spa

Located at very central place in Vinica but in a quiet surrounding, Hotel Central  is cozily decorated and furnished in order to offer the best of comfort and luxury and simultaneously to fulfill the expectations of the urban hospitality and catering.

The Garden Spa Hotel

Address: st. Lerinska 2, 1000 Skopje
Telephone: +389 (2) 609 21 91

Luxury Skopje Apartments

Telephone: +389 71 386 811

Skopje Rent

Telephone: +389 75 267 614

Villa Gala

Address: Todor Aleksandrov 33
Telephone: 070 555 645

Villa Ani

Address: Borka Talevski 5, Skopje
Telephon: 02 3178 370

At Efto’s

Address: Jordan H.Dzinot 12a, Скопје
Telephone: 023120079