“Cinderella ”is a play about two young but mature dreamers who manage to persevere in their pursuit of love. The beautiful but unhappy Cinderella wonders about the need for wealth for her half-sisters and stepmother. She longs for the right thing. The Prince, who has everything but does not have the right one besides himself, wants to find his soul mate on his own.

Characters of Cinderella who do not lose faith, Prince who does not cease to seek true love, The wicked stepmother, The two half-sisters who fiercely argue which is more beautiful, The king who only wants to marry the prince, distracted, good and cheerful fairy, the beatings of cute animals and a stupid servant just moving on with their little ring enters a fast-paced mix of funny, rushing, uncertain and happy events. So as only life knows how to fix things, the faith of Cinderella and the Prince and the people around them bring them all in one place at the same time.

The hope that love comes, the faith that awaits happiness every day, are the winners of our “Cinderella.”

Theater for kids and young, thursday 6-th Feb from 19:00-20:00

Directed by: Dean Damjanovski

Author: Charles Pero and the Grimm Brothers

Playwright and playwright Gorjan Miloshevski

Natasa Petrovic

Nenad Mitevski

Katarina Ilievska Siljanovska

Emra Curtisova

Simona Spirovska

Bojan Kirkovski

Maria Gjorgjijovska

Miki Anchevski

Dragan Dovlev

Martin Jordanoski

Ana Levajkovic Boskov

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