“Cineplexx” cinema with its cutting edge digital equipment provides exceptional experience while watching movies through its high quality of image, sound and 3D technology in the halls in Skopje. Cineplexx is an Austrian theater group with over four decades of experience in this field.

Cineplexx International was founded in 2009, having its first cinema open outside the borders of Austria. The first international cineplexx cinem was open in Bolzano in south Tyrol in northern Italy. In 2011 and 2012 the company rapidly expands on the Balkan Peninsula by opening cinemas in Serbia, Montenegro, Croatia and Macedonia.


Telephone: 02 3074 477
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Address: Ljubljanska 4, City Mall, second floor

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  • 02 3074 477
  • Telephone: 02 3074 477
    City Mall, second floor