Dramski Theater Skopje

DRAMSKI THEATER Skopje is a cultural institution that contributes to the development of cultural life in Skopje. The actors and its management structure make everyday life filled with laughter, sadness, anger and happiness through their busy weekly reporter. Their week schedule offers various plays in different genres and each of the plays will leave you delighted.

Since the earthquake in 1963 to 1965, the theater did not have its own building. On March 4, 1965, the Theater moved to the assembly facility (built as a donation of the British Embassy) on Shakespeare Street in the Karpos 2. The first performance that was performed in the new theater building was “Bogomilska Ballad”. At the same time, a permanent structure was built. That same year, the theater was renamed “Dramski Theater”. So far, this theater held more than 350 and featured more than 11,000 plays.

Address: st.  Shekspirova no. 15, 1000 Skopje
Telephone: +389 2 3063 388 / +389 2 3063 452
Mobile: +389 76 434 343
Web: https://dramskiteatar.com.mk/
Email:  info@dramskiteatar.com.mk
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/dramski.teatar.skopje/

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  • +389 2 3063 388
  • Telephone: +389 2 3063 388
    Web: https://dramskiteatar.com.mk/