Macedonian National Theater

„Platon krecet“ had the honor to open the newly built Macedonian National Theater on April 3rd 1945 at exactly 8 PM. The first two years of its establishment, the MNT had mostly theater shows. „Kavalerija Rustikana“ was first opera show that was performed on 9th may 1947 and two years later on 27th January the MNT had its first ballet show with the performance of the „Valpurgiska nok“. Performances were held in few objects until the earthquake in 1963­ that demolished the old building. Up until 1983 the shows were held on a mobile stage made of 370 seats. The Government of Republic of Macedonia decided to build a new facility on the base of the old MNT originally built in 1927. The theater is situated in a total area of 7,200 square meters, and the auditorium is divided into a large hall with a total of 724 seats and a small hall designed for mono drama and chamber performances with 213 seats. Macedonian National Theater possesses the most advanced and sophisticated technical equipment in the stage technology, moving platforms, chigi and the entire stage area is made of modular type with double floors. The acoustics is satisfactory. From the outside the theater has retained its authentic look.

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  • 02 3216 725
  • Telephone: 02 3216 725