Goran Bregović brings „Tri pisma iz Sarajeva“ in Skopje

This event has ended

The biggest active star from the Balkans around the world,  famous and popular Goran Bregovic, finally brings his most successful project “Tri pisma iz Sarajeva” in Skopje, on March 22nd at the VIP Arena.

Since this show can not be performed only with his “Orchestra for weddings and funerals”, he will perform with the complete composition of the Macedonian Philharmonic, along with the guests he brings to all the concerts, and are part of this concert big project.

Album “Tri pisma iz Sarajeva” is the most popular ethno world album in the world in 2018, including America, and Goran Bregovic gets the best reviews from all the solo albums he released in the last decade, including the prestigious British newspaper The Guardian.

All of his hits such as “Kalashnikov,” “Mesecina”, “Edeerlezi” and many others will certainly be performed at the concert, so with a guarantee we anticipate an unforgettable evening in Skopje on March 22nd.

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