La Esmeralda

Date: 4-th February 2020
Time: 8 pm
Location: National Opera and Ballet

Conductor: Bisera Chadlovska
Choreographer: Mihail Krapivin (Russia)
Set designer: Zivojin Trajanovic
Costume Designer: Ljupka Ristovska
Repeaters: Goran Bozinov, Vasil Chichiashvili (Georgia),
Laura Tarчуugovska, Biljana Pasharikovska

Esmeralda: Maria Kichevska Shokarovska
Feb Vasil Cicijasvili (Georgia)
Flair de Liss: Ivana Kocevska, Hristina Nakjevska
Quasimodo: Jan Kissilev, Endru Cook
Klod Frolo: Dragan Kochoski, Miroslav Mitrasinovic
Gudula: Marija Josifovska Ristovska
Kings: Igor Velanoski, Balaz Lachaei, Ervis Kocecu

Ballet soloists, ballet ensemble and National Opera and Ballet Orchestra.

“La Esmeralda” was first produced for the ballerina Carlotta Grisi at Her Majesty’s Theatre in London in 1844. Perrot’s tenure as Ballet Master in London came to an end in 1848 after nearly a decade of staging many acclaimed and successful works, and by 1849 he was serving as Premier Maître de ballet to the St. Petersburg Imperial Theatres in Russia. Cesare Pugni followed Perrot to Russia, where the composer was given the post of official Ballet Composer. Like most European theatres of that time, Her Majesty’s Theatre in London only produced ballets as one or two-act diversions between scenes of operas, but the opera houses of Russia devoted entire evenings exclusively to ballet. In light of this, Perrot staged many of his works that had been mounted previously in London in elaborately expanded editions for the St. Petersburg stage, requiring not only that Perrot add and embellish his original dances and mise-en-scène, but also that the composer Pugni expand his scores. In the case of “La Esmeralda”, the original 1-act/5-tableaux staging was expanded to 3-acts/5-tableaux.



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