Le Trauma Show – Concert Ana Cap Trio

Data: 15 February 2020
Location: Philharmonic
Time: 8 pm

Pierre Millet – trumpet
Manuel Decocq – violin
Jean Michel Trotoux – accordion

The Ana kap trio started out in Spring 2009. It is a palette of musical tones, sound atmospheres and wandering moods. Ana kap has got a teasing polyphonic world in which the urge to improvise always serves a finely chiseled musical writing in which the friendly audience is brought from laughter into tears and the trumpet player goes from D flat to C.

Ana kap, it’s Nino Rota enjoying a cup of coffee on the banks of the river Marne, a smoky jazz club inhabited by prima ballerinas from the Oulan Bator opera house, Yvette Horner on James Bond’s arm during the annual ball of the Grand Orchestre du Consulat Helvétique Oriental (a.k.a the G.O.C.H.O).

Ana kap, it’s also the name of a woman who lives in Texas, that’s why we have taken off an ‘n’ from Anna, so as not to get into trouble (you never know…).

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