Millennium Cross

The Millennium Cross is a 66-metre (217 ft) tall cross situated on the top of Vodno Mountain in Macedonia and is 15 kilometers outside the capital city Skopje. It is one of the tallest crosses in the world. It was constructed to serve as a memorial for 2,000 years of Christianity in Macedonia and to honour biblical passages citing the evagelistion activities of St. Paul within the region. The monument has become a symbol associated with or representing Skopje. As a landmark, the cross has turned into a tourist destination with the best observation point to see the panorama of the capital city.

The monument is based on a grid design, similar to the French Eiffel tower and has the traditional shape of a Christian cross without other additions or elements. It is constructed on a twelve column platform symbolically representing the 12 apostiles. Inside the cross there is an elevator to the top level for views of Skopje. From the south side of the city the towering Millennium Cross atop Vodno mountain dominates the panorama of Skopje. The monument is visible from almost all areas of the capital and its presence is felt by strolling urban residents or people entering the city as it draws focal attention. At night the cross can be seen as its covered in thousands of lights.

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