Pehcevo waterfalls

Pehchevski Waterfalls — waterfalls located on the Maleshevski Mountains, at the sources of the Bregalnica River, near the town of Pehchevo. There are nine waterfalls in the area, of which only two are actually on Bregalnica, while the rest are on Crn Dol, Ljutachka Reka and Spikovski Andak.

Ljutacki Waterfalls
Ljutacki Waterfalls are located on the river of the same name, in the locality known as Valevicka Reka, a few kilometers from Spikov Waterfalls. In this area there are two waterfalls which are located at an altitude of 1,400 m.

Spikovski Waterfalls
Spikovski are located along the course of Ravna Reka, or rather its small tributary known as Spikovski Andak, about 6 km from Pehčevo. There are two waterfalls in this area. The first one is located about 200 m from the road and is about 2 m high, while the second one is located about 300 m after the first one and its height is about 7 m. The path to the falls starts with a wooden gate, then is marked and contains several wooden mosses. The archaeological site of Gradiste is located above the waterfalls.

The Skokoto waterfalls are located in the forest park of the same name, immediately after the confluence of the Ljutačka Reka in Bregalnica. It is about 7 m high and there is a 1,500 m long footpath leading to it, which starts from a place called Fat Ridge.

Crnodolski Waterfall
Crnodolski Vodopad is located on the river of the same name. A footpath about 400 m long leads to it. The waterfall is 5 m high.

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